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Granite and Marble Edges

Edges for countertops are available in many shapes and the detail of the shape will affect cost,function and cleanability.

The edge that you pick can have a dramatic impact on the look and has to bo choosen before fabrication.

Edges can be simple or comlex,with curves or sharp angles.The pictures of counter top edge profiles will help you pick a suitable for your kitchen design ideas.As you might expect the more complex or intricate edges are more expensive to create.But sometimes the most pleasing choice is the simple style.

Eased Edge

This edge treatment is very common and offers a clean simple look.

Half Bullnose Edge

The half bullnose edge can also be called roundover because instead of being squared off,it is round over.

Full Bullnose Edge

The full bullnose offers the most contemporary look.This edge is gentle on the body and has no edges to chip ,but it also tends to make the counter top thinner.

Bevel Edge

Bevels are 45 degrees cuts into the edge of the stone.The deeper the cut the wider the bevel face is.If the stone is a softer stone ,the bevel edge may chip more then the rounded edge will.

Ogee Edge

From the side an Ogee edge forms the shape of an "S".This is often the most elaborate edge and used for a more traditional look.

Dupont Edge

sometimes is called the "bird's beak" and looks like a demi bullnose with a notch on the top.This edge has more of the tendency to chip.

Double OG and Laminated Edge

This are very elaborate edges.we can create an unlimited array of edges by gluing together different profiles.This edges can make the granite to appear very thick giving the impression of a much thicker counter top throughout and by far is the most expensive.With laminate profile it's important to consider that the glue seam will be slight visible.

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